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ShortCode SMS For HealthCare Industries

Short Code SMS for Health Care corporations. Every development in technology makes a plus on making life easier for people.

Aside from the web, the invention of mobile phones makes information sent nearly at the speed of sunshine.

One of the fields that combat an honest advantage is faster provision and render of services at intervals the foremost essential fields like medication and health care.

Our Short Code SMS solutions square measure accustomed personalizes care, deploy services remotely, promote healthier lifestyles and provide important worth savings to the health care business as a whole.

Searching for effective communication tools to send timely reminders to patients for appointments? Need to deliver time-critical information to your patients whereas not disbursal hefty amounts? Eager to keep connected at the side of your patients whereas enhancing work efficiency ?

  • • Reminders to patients for timely preventive check-ups.
    • Alerts to parents for vaccination.
    • Alerts to patients on promotional schemes (e.g. free diabetes test this weekend).
    • Alerts to patients on change of appointment.

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