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  • Welcome to the exciting World of Mobile SMS Shortcode Services. Today's last Mobile and Cellular Technology has modified the means we tend to live and work. Short Code electronic messaging (SMS) service avails one stop moveion media through that we tend to may interact with our customers directly and conduct varied Media Promotion events like Contests/ Survey, Lucky Winner Draw, Bids, Product Enquiries, Lead generation during a price effective manner.
  • Short codes are wide used for added services like tv option, ordering ringtones, charity donations, pull data from application, business department automation, interactive campaign and varied mobile services.
  • How SMS Short Code Service Works?

    SMS Short code service is primarily used for lead generation or receiving feedbacks from the shoppers. AN exceedingly|in a very} shared short code atmosphere each company that needs to avail this service are going to be supplied with a Keyword is an distinctive symbol for your company on our shared short code. e.g. if, your corporations name is basics Ltd and you took a keyword say ABCD on our short code then each message that starts with ABCD and a place are going to be forwarded to your panel. briefly we have a tendency to acknowledge the incoming messages on the premise of keywords and forward it to the various corporations account
  • Features:

    Customised Welcome Message
    Real Time Web Based Reporting
    Web Based Control Panel
    Unlimited sub keywords
    URL Forwarding to receive incoming SMS on your application
    Response can be forwarded to your URL
  • Where short code sms services are used?

    Advertising agencies, media corporations, radio stations, TV channels, selling savvy corporations for campaigns, contests etc.
    Builders for lead generation, if backed by a campaign in print or electronic media. Advertising agencies choose to use it because the response to their ad blitz is measurable on parameters like numbers, time, effectiveness etc.
    Banks for passing needed data to there shoppers by group action it in there system through uniform resource locator.
    Content suppliers, academic establishments, Businesses/ Industries/ goods firms, Credit Societies, Government Organisations etc.
    Short code merchandiser will earn cash by doing contest, voting etc.
  • We square measure providing Premium shortcode service in India for Lead Capture, sms polling and vote, sms Results, sms survey and lots of a lot of applications.

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